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I was UX Lead on a project for Electrolux (ELX), while I was working at Head London (now part of Zone). Head were already working with ELX on their appliances site and digital strategy. This included the development of their new template and digital style for ELX, AEG and Zanussi.

ELX has hundreds of localisations of their site, some which on the new template that Head had developed, and some that were on the old template. To add to the complexity, ELX had a spare parts e-commerce site in which they sold spare parts and accessories for all their appliances. This was being run and owned by a separate e-commerce supplier, in which ELX wanted to move away from.

The brief was to develop a new spare parts and accessories site from scratch, on the SAP Hybris platform (supplied by SAP as a build partner), and to keep within the brand and style of the new ELX main site.


Stakeholder management

This project was very complex in terms of the stakeholders involved.

  • ELX stakeholders - from EMEA Digital Director level to Product owner (based in Stockholm)
  • SAP stakeholders - Hybris tech architect, PM (Based in Germany)
  • Head team - the team that has been involved in the other ELX projects (Based in London and Stockholm)

As a result it needed a great deal of business analysis and stakeholder management skills to identify requirements and liaise with the appropriate parties. This a role I had to manage whilst leading the UX design. 


UX Design

This process was not as straightforward as a project when you are providing the tech solution too. SAP Hybris was being used as the platform, which meant there was a limited amount of customisation that could be done for the time and budget. However, the clients wanted the site to look and flow as much like the ELX appliances site as much as possible. In addition to this, we were providing only the front end code, and Hybris would integrate this in.

The process loosely went as follows:

  • Workshop requirements with project owners
  • Write stories
  • Consult SAP on Hybris out of the box (OOTB) functionality
  • Sketch out journeys and templates with the team (UI Designer, Front-end Developer and Content strategist)
  • Get feedback from SAP and Product owners
  • Move into design and front-end build
IMG_2598 2.jpg


This project was the start of a long term strategy to create one seamless experience between buying an appliance and providing aftercare for the customer, such as spare parts and accessories. As a result of this, we had to factor this into how we designed and built the spare parts website in this project. 

We workshopped what we can do now in the short term to help achieve the longer term vision. I led a Product Canvas workshop with 15+ ELX and SAP stakeholders to determine what we were hoping to achieve.



  • The web shop responsive site is live for Electrolux, AEG and Zanussi and it is using a tab system that enables customers to switch between the appliance site and spare parts shop. 
  • Head continues to work with the client as a partner agency