Workflow Consultancy


This was a pure consultancy project in which I got to stretch my research and business analysis muscles. The deliverable at the end was a digital strategy, roadmap and a proof of concept of a product that could help the business achieve the strategy.


Betsson Group is a large gaming company that own and operate 20+ smaller brand gaming companies. Their business strategy was to acquire smaller competitor gaming companies to grow the size of the company and increase the number of customers they could attract. This strategy however had been causing large problems to their technical infrastructure, workflow and operational models. Each brand that was acquired was moved over to what the business thought was a single workflow and process, however, this was not the case.

Our small team of two UX Architects, one Digital Consultant and one Technical Architect were brought to their headquarters in Malta for 4 weeks to:

  • Conduct research on the current campaign creation workflow across a representative set of brands to gain insights and pain points
  • Identify the technical state of affairs and gives recommendations around this
  • Suggest a strategy for transformation based on all of our findings


To get started we needed to understand the current organisational structure of how the brands worked within the group, the workflow for each brand and how they differed. The team and I carried out workshops with senior brand and group stakeholders to understand the operational model and ran workshops with the brand managers to get an idea of the high level workflow. We then ran observations with campaign executives that are actually doing the day-to-day work, to gain first hand insights into the BAU workflow.

As we carried out each workshop and observation, we would iterate a large post-it note journey-map for each brand, involving stakeholders to validate as we went along. We would plot stages in the workflow and tools used at each point, as well as frustrations of staff members carrying out the work, onto the journey-map.  This enabled us to start to identify areas of opportunity for improvement.

Workflow analysis

Once we had carried out a sufficient level of research for our analysis and time-frame, we digitised the journey-map and turned stages into epics and tasks into user stories. This would enable us to create a more succinct, user-centric proof of concept (PoC) at the end of the project. We mapped each brand onto the journey-map, recording stages in the process, people involved, tools being used and the tasks the staff were carrying out.

Our analysis enabled us to identify differences in process, blockers in sign off points and legacy technology constraints and frustrations from staff.

Proof of Concept design

We had identified the problems the business was currently facing, through direct observations and workshops. We had gathered insights around differing workflows, governance, staff frustration, technical constraints and lots more. Furthermore, our Technical Architect had identified various problems with their technical infrastructure, which posed a problem if they wanted to keep scaling at the same pace.

Our vision for Betsson Group was a new technical architecture based on a micro-service model, enabling the scale whenever they needed it. The solution would be bespoke and created directly around an improved workflow, based on the problems we identified in the journey-map analysis.

We sketched out a solution for a proof concept, in which we developed into a HTML prototype over two days, which included:

  • Clear tasks based upon role
  • A simplfied workflow - each brand had different requirements and this was bespoke to all
  • Clear sign off points baked into the product
  • Notifications when a staff member needed to work on a task


The outputs

  • We presented our findings, both technical and workflow based, and suggested a new scalable technical architecture, digital workflow solution and roadmap of achieving all of our recommendations
  • We demoed the proof of concept in HTML and it was recieved very well
  • Head continue to work with Betsson Group